Rental agreement

(Unfortunately, we are not members of BURF because we do not meet ONE of their requirements and that is, cars must not be older than 36 months.) However, information will be provided to you.

The rental agreement’s fine print in plain text:

Hands on the heart – How often do you read the fine print? Each time you rent a car at an established car rental company, you also sign a rental agreement and thereby approve a number of terms that apply during the rental period.

These so-called “General Rental Terms” are usually printed on the back of the contract with fine text. It also specifies whether the terms are approved by the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Everyone should read – get the energy!

From experience, we know that there are few people who can read through all the fine print. This is one of the reasons why misunderstandings, ambiguities, disputes and unpleasant surprises may occur when something unforeseen occurs with the car during the rental period.

In the rental terms there are rules for what to do with the car, where to drive, if you can bring the car abroad, who is driving it, who pays damage, what happens if the car breaks down if you leave return the car earlier, etc.

Please – the terms in plain text!

Burf (Car Rental Industry Association) has developed this brochure for you and anyone else who car rentals to get quick and straightforward information about the rules that apply. A simple and good basic rule is to always ensure that the agreed price is included in your rental agreement.

Full terms are only available in the contract!

What you find here is “the raisins in the cake”. If you want the full paragraph text in its exact wording, you must study the General Rental Terms in the contract. For special cars, such as luxury cars and vans, special conditions may apply in addition to the General Rental Terms. These are stated in the rental agreement.

Do not be afraid to ask if you’re wondering when to rent a car – it’s always better to ask before!

You may use the rental car as your own; with some exceptions:

You may not lend it other than to family members. If someone else is driving the car, you must first get this approved by the car rental. But keep in mind that you are always in charge of the car and that the driver is allowed to drive.

You may not drive the car out of Sweden without permission from the landlord.

You may not use the car for exercise without permission from the landlord.

You may not engage in taxi or trucking with the car, do not drag, push or move another vehicle with it and do not participate in a motor competition.

You are responsible for maintaining the car in a working and legal condition during the rental period. You are also responsible for performing service checks listed in the service book if you rent a car for a longer period of time. (The car rental owner will tell you which meter service is required and is for the cost).

If the car is depleted and more soiled than it becomes in normal use (eg if you do not remove the hair from your dog), the landlord may charge you for cleaning and cleaning.

The lessee is entitled to inspect the car during the time You rent it if there is reason to be worried that it is misunderstood.

Payment, advance payment and deposit amount:

You are always responsible for the rent paid on time. The car rental owner is entitled to charge you late payment and cancel the agreement if you do not pay on time.

Check that the prices you agreed are included in the contract.

The person who hires the car may request advance payment or deposit amount.

In billing you may be charged a special billing fee.

If you do not get your car on appointment or get a car other than the one you ordered

If you do not receive your car at the agreed time, you may request reduced rental if the delay causes problems. Compensation for loss in business is not allowed.

You can cancel the agreement if the delay is so high that it prevents your plans, such as that you do not have a contracted activity, a flight, etc.

You can not claim compensation or cancel the agreement if you get a different, corresponding car without problems.

You can also not claim compensation or cancel the agreement if the delay is due to circumstances that the car rental company could not influence or prevent (eg car theft or equipment that occurred during the rental period.

If the car is stolen, damaged or broken:

You must always notify the car rental company if anything happens to the car. This should tell you exactly what to do. If you need to repair the car in order to drive it, you can do it for a maximum of £ 150 incl. VAT without first asking the landlord. You will return the money against receipt of the receipt.

In case of insurance, you must report to the car rental owner.

In case of parking damage, the same rules apply as if you own the car. It is you who will make a police report and leave this together with the damage report to the car rental.

In case of theft you must report this to the place where the car was stolen and send a copy of the notification to the landlord.

Your rental agreement is canceled as soon as you contacted the landlord and completed the theft registration.

You should know this when you will return the car

You can always return your rental car earlier than agreed.

If we do not agree otherwise, the car should be left in the same place where you picked it and under the lessor’s normal opening hours. If you leave it late or in any other agreed place, the landlord may charge additional rent and compensation for pick-up of the car.

It is punishable to use the car after the rental period. .

Car rental owner’s responsibility against you:

It is the tenant’s responsibility that the car is in the correct condition when you receive it. If there is a problem during the rental period due to the fact that it is in poor condition and the car owner can not quickly assist you in getting a new car or repairing the damage, you are entitled to a reduced rent or – in some cases – to cancel the agreement.

The landlord must always do whatever he can to limit the damage to you.

Your liability to the car owner:

You are responsible for the payment of the rental amount on time.

You are responsible for if the car is damaged or stolen during the rental period and shall pay compensation to the lessor for damages that you incur in accordance with the amounts stated in Section 8 of the General Rental Terms.

You are also liable to pay fines, damages, etc. which may affect the landlord due to the fact that you are driving negligently, too fast, misplaced etc. For parking notes that you do not pay, but the landlord is obliged to do this for you, you will be charged 150 SEK incl. VAT for each offense in excess of the amount of the parking mark. The lessor also has the right to cancel the agreement if you are having a car or driving it so negligently that it risks falling abnormally in value.

Hyresman (= You) and / or the driver (if any other person) violates the above conditions (eg does not pay on time or neglects the car) or otherwise causes the landlord to damage, reported to the BURF information list which continuously updated and sent to connected car rental companies.

You must always do what you can to limit damage that you can cause the landlord and the car.

If you must hire the insurance:

Your rental car has compulsory road insurance. Check with your car rental company which other insurance policies (such as theft, fire damage, fire insurance) included.

Your rental car does not have any insurance covering theft of luggage or cargo. Consult the tenant before transporting eg. valuable art, jewels and the like.

If the car is damaged or stolen during the rental period or if you have to hire the car’s salvage or rescue insurance, you are liable for the amount (may vary) under item eight at the back of the lease. You can reduce the liability to a minimum amount (see the agreement) for each injury if you sign a so-called compensation reduction. Replacement reduction does not apply if the vehicle is stolen with a key.

You must always complete the required notification procedures (insurance paper is contained in the car’s glove compartment) for the replacement reduction to apply. Special “youth payroll” of 1,500 SEK applies if the driver is under 24 years of age and is responsible for traffic damage.