About me


I have run this car rental since 2002 but 2010 was too much for me so I sold everything, but September 1, 2013 I got back all over again so now I hope to meet new and old customers.

Was completely free for 1 year, it was nice. Jan -12 I opened a candy store thought it might be right for me, hum? so did not. Now I’m working to try to make my old car park fully suitable for rental, long nights for recond of cars and daytime inspections of all cars.

I like old cars and it’s sooo fun to be able to fix them so they both look good and go well.

I do not work for myself in this, of course, have two good guys who do car repair and also make sure that all rental cars are in good condition, then I have two super nice guys who check all rental cars, they are absolutely wonderful and really good .

We clean, recond and keep track of all cars, but sometimes we do not really get it, but we try to get it full.

We want to try and maintain the best service we can and possibly, so if it is real bus weather, we will help you in the best way when you want to pick up and leave the cars because it is about 800m to the parking lot where the cars stand.

So I’m just saying: Welcome to my car hire and my wonderful assistant Roger . And Peter hold positions in Verkstan.

// Mia