Information about car leasing

For bookings the same day or the day after July and August, you must take a telephone.

Phone hours 9.00 am-17.00 pm
Weekends and red-letter days 10.00 am-17.00 pm.

Mail, you can do  around the clock.

Phone: +46 498 – 21 21 27

Mail: [email protected]

Important Information We Need In Your Booking:

Correct timing when flight or boat arrives / leaves.

Do you come by plane or want to leave there – or both and it is extremely important that you specify the flight times; not when you think you pick up / leave the car.

If you want to pick up or leave your car on the airport, do not forget to click on “Fetching / leaving at the airport”. We have a desk in the Arrival Hall .

Highchair? Enter the age of the child / children.

Do you want to rent a car with a towbar? Give reasons.

Payment is always made when you pick up; card or cash.

Under “Questions and Answers” there are answers to most questions.
If you have questions, you can always call me before you book online. This may apply to highchairs / pillows; pick up or leave at the flight, or maybe you will have a boat that leaves an hour after the return time. Call or email and we will resolve it safely. Before you send your request, make sure everything is correctly filled in!