Questions and answers

1. What kind of cars do you have?

We have a park of over 100 cars that vary in year, models and conditioning; everyone starts and works is prio 1. Some of the cars have cracks in the windows, but it won’t get in rain.
All cars are inspected and approved by the Swedish Vehicle Testing, of course!

AC in the cars are not guaranteed. In some of the cars a light bulb can be lit, there is no danger of driving as long as the car goes.

Something may have been broken during a rental and we will provisionally fix it, as soon as possible, of course. We buy cars all the time and sell in the winter, sometimes we will not check everything before they go out.

2. Are you not satisfied with the car you have or have high demands?

Get in touch! Usually we can solve it with another car. Do not arrive after the end of the rental period and complain when we did not get a chance to fix and help. We will come out with a new car if it is available, so do not wait for your own mood to go to the top before calling. We want to help and make you feel comfortable.

3. Compensation?

No! If we have had the opportunity to assist or replace with a new car, we do not pay any compensation.

No, not for non-functioning AC.

4. We rent out second-hand cars!

During the winter months, it’s the most Ford Focus, the Volvo V70, the Saab 9-5 and the Passenger Rolling, that’s good cars. In the summer, the older ones arrive, there may be any Mazda, Sitt, Volvo 440, Suzuki Baleno. It’s also good cars but a bit older. And yes, all cars have the same price all year round.

5. What kind of information is required when I’ll  book?

  • We want precise times you want to pick up and leave the car (very important in the summer).
  • Are you arriving at the airport or the ferry terminal? We would like to have flight times / boat times.
  • A phone number that we can reach you on (mobile) and preferably home phone.
  • Can you an automatic if you get it?
  • Do you need cildseat or pillow? Please give us the age of the child / children.
  • How many are you? (Important that you get a car big enough.)
  • 6. I’m arriving by airplane, how do I get the car?

We have cars at the airport air and you can find our store counter in the arrivals aall at Visby Airport. NOTE! There is a charge of 120 SEK for all rentals from the airport.

7. I come with a night-boat, can I get the car then?

Address: Färjeleden 12E, Visby
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Yes, but there is a fee after 21:00: 200 SEK.
If you arrive by ferry 02:45, we will not manage it, then you’ll have to wait until we open. Early 9:00 on weekdays and 10:00 weekends.

8. What do I do if the car stops?

Please call our helpline; you find on the contract. Then we will come out with a new car or help you on the place. Do not contact recovery vehicle before you first called to us!

NOTE! When you rent a car by us you will receive an extra phone number, in case of you’re getting in trouble. We’re available day and night, 24 hours!

9. We are a concern. Can we hire a car?

Yes, it is ok, but we require a person who signs the contract and is responsible for returning the car in the same condition we left it.

10. Can anyone else than me drive the car?

Yes, it’s ok, but the one who signs the contract is mainly responsible for the care of the car.

11. Is the car fully tanked when I get it?

No, usually not, but you return the car with the same amount of gas as it was when you got it. NOTE! We do NOT repay if you’ve filled up the car with more gasoline than you’ve used!
We have NO diesel cars, just GASOLINE.

12. Is there AC in the cars?

Yes, in some of them, but we do not guarantee that the AC works perfectly or quit during the rental period.

13. How old are the cars?

The cars range from about -99 up to -03 -04

14. Can I take the car to the mainland?

No, it is NOT permitted without our consent.
Many asks why, but that’s because we can not help you if something happens with the car over there. So, it  means that you are responsible for the cost of returning the car back to Gotland

15. Can I drive your buses with regular driving licenses?

Yes, that’s fine. To rent a minibus you must be minimum 21 years!
Smoking is absolutely forbidden in the buses. Please, do not drink or eat anything in the car.

16. Do you have car safety seats?

Yes, we have 10 safety seats  and pillows (older models). (50 SEK per rental opportunity.) The best is if you can bring  your own, because of our limited quantity. NOTE! We do NOT mount the safety chair, you have to do it by yourself.

17. Do you have the same prices all year round?

Yes, we keep the same prices all year around. If you want to rent monthly, we can agree on better prices.

18. Can I have a dog in your cars?

Yes, it’s fine, but you have to inform us about it when you’re booking, as we need to get a suitable car. In addition, think about allergies regards to animals in the car.

19. When do I pay?

You pay the car when you pick it up; card or cash.

20. How does the number of days on the rent count?

The car rental is counted in 24 hours. For example, if you rent from Monday at 10am to 10am on Tuesday it is counted as 1 day.

If you rent from kl. 10.00 on Monday to 13.00 on Tuesday, you have passed the 24 hours and the price of the rent turns to 2 days.

Therefore, be aware of the time, as it can affect much of the price. (Certain exceptions are of course made.)

21. What does it cost if I have to cancel my booking?

We do not charge for cancellations, just contact us. Someone else can rent it instead.

22. I returned my rental car earlier-can I get money back?

Unfortunately, we can not repay you for days you have not used the rental car or if it is returned earlier.

23. If I lose the car key?

Contact us! Do not try by yourself with an axe or anything the like it. It will be an expensive story. The picture shows how a customer locked his keys in the luggage. Axe! Hum? Not good! Was expensive.

24. Is insurance included in the price?

Yes, insurance is including, but you have to pay a deduction of 1000 SEK if something happens; it can not be deleted.

25. I have had a puncture?

If there is a spare tire in the car, you have to change by yourself. If there is no spare tire or if you’re not able to change, please call us. If there is a tire and you can not change it, then we can help you at a cost.