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Are you looking for land or premises for establishment in Visby?

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Development of the property is now being planned.
Interested in premises belongs to you.

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This property was built in 1989 so the years go fast. Pictures are coming.
So next stage hope we will get started soon.

On this side of the house we first see St1 since MATRIKE comes after them, the BDS store and Autoverkstan will be run by Visby car rental AB.

Last St1’s car wash.

After that comes?

Yes, maybe your shop or something, that’s where we’ve been going to extend the house a lot.

The property at Slitevägen 2 in Visby.

This page is to say the page where the entrance is located, the east side.
Here we have St1 first, then Gotland is coming to Gotland.

After that we have GP Grossen, wholesalers on batteries and imports from China, among others, on surveillance cameras. Look at the link at the top of the GP Grossen line or on the Net store that becomes active nowadays.
The same local we have CAFE BAR with their handy machines and the good coffee.

Are you interested in becoming one in this happy house RING 0498 – 21 35 00
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